* CanSkate fees will be as follows: 

Stage 1: $200 + $20 for skaters lottery tickets = $220

Stage 2-6: $260.00 + $20 for skaters lottery tickets = $280 

Each additional family member will be $20 less the cost 

* Skaters are allowed a 3 session grace period in which they will receive a full refund. After three weeks a medical note will be required.

* There will be an advanced CanSkate Session offered to all skaters who are currently registered in stages 5 & 6. This session will require an additional registration of $140 and includes 40 minutes of ice time with a Skate Canada professional coach. 

* No guest skate time offered to any session for CanSkaters 

* "CanSkate Waitlist” names will be added to the list on a "First-come First-serve" basis. The names will be added to a list on our executive Facebook page (to make it easier to keep track of) with the skaters name, parents name, contact information, date and time of request to be registered. 

* All Canskaters are required to wear a CSA certified helmet, even if above certain age. 

* Canskaters must enter the ice on the clock end and exit the ice on the Zamboni end. 

* Skaters will receive their incentives while lined up to exit the ice. 

* It is not mandatory for skaters to become Program Assistants. PAs must be a minimum of 12 years old and have been a registered starskater for a minimum of one year. Program Assistant helpers must be a minimum of 10 years of age and be a registered starskater for a minimum of one year.