Coaches Role/Responsibilities 

1. To help skaters achieve their goals. 

2. To ensure that information is communicated properly to the parent and the skater. 

3. To help your skater set and achieve their goals. 

4. To create a positive and constructive training environment for your skater. 

5. To be a mentor and role model to the skaters. 

6. To answer any questions a parent of skater might have about their development 

7. To continue learning in order better develop teaching methods by attending seminars and coaching clinics. 

**** Please note: If you have any questions/comments or concerns, please direct them to a coach either before or after the session starts. Once the session begins, coaches are responsible for the skaters and leading the sessions. If you are unable to speak with a coach during these times, please contact the CanSkate Coordinator and they will be sure to forward your concerns to the coaching staff/Board of Directors. ****