Session Layout 

The session will begin with a warm up that is approximately 10 minutes in length. The warm up will be led by professional coaches or trained PAs and has been speci´Čücally designed to get skaters engaged and to warm up their muscles for skill development. During this time coaches and PAs will be creating the circuits which skaters will use during lesson time. There will be a piece of music that will signal skaters to follow their PA around the fast track before heading into their groups for lesson time. The ice surface will be broken down into 3 sections. Each section will be clearly labelled by a sign indicating which fundamental area the skaters will be developing while in this group. This year we will be having 3 professional coaches on the ice leading 3 of the fundamental areas and will be encompassed by the fun zone in which our trained PAs will lead the skaters through a circuit designed by our professional coaches to help develop the fundamental area they are practicing. Lesson times are approximately 10 minutes each and skaters will rotate through all sections of the ice each night. A lesson time is ended once the fast track signal comes on and the new lesson time will begin at the end of the fast track signal. Once skaters have visited each of the fundamental areas, the session will end with a group activity/cool down. Before the skaters exit the ice they will receive an incentive that relates to the theme of the night.