Assessment Days (for skaters working on Star 1-5) 

Skaters will always be working on achieving a desired standard at each starskate level for skills, dance and freeskate. When a coach feels a skater is has achieved the desired standard, the skater will be "assessed" at that level. The coach will communicate the assessment date to the parent. 

An assessment fee of $15 will be applied to all tests. Skaters Junior Bronze and under are assessed by a coach and Senior Bronze and above are assessed by a judge.

Test Days (for skaters working on Senior Bronze to Gold tests) 

Skaters are always working towards goals that have been set between the skater and the 

coach. When the coach feels that a skater is ready to try a test in either the Dance, Free Skate, 

Skills or Interpretive disciplines, the coach will inform the skater and the parent of their 

intentions. If a skater is to try a test they will have to attend a designated “test day” where they 

will be evaluated by a judge. Skaters will receive an evaluation form for each of their tests tried 

providing a detailed description on the different areas of their performance. If a skater 

successfully completes the test the move onto the level within that discipline, if the skater needs 

to retry they can do so at the next available testing session. 



For each test you try there is a $15 test fee. $12 covers the charge of your test that is set by 

and must be paid to Skate Canada. The additional $3 fee will cover the cost of having evaluators come in for test days. If the skater is being partnered to for a dance test the partnering fee is as follows: 


Partnering Level Fees 

Primary Dances (Preliminary to Junior Bronze) $5.00 per dance 

Intermediate Dances (Senior Bronze and Junior Silver) $10.00 per dance 

Senior Dances (Senior Silver and Gold) $15.00 per dance 

Diamond Dances $20.00 per dance 

If the skater is accompanied by a coach at their test the fees are as follows: 

- Free skate/Skills test = Same charge for a 15 min private lesson 

- Dance test = Same charge for a 10 min private lesson.