Covers the cost of registering with Skate Canada, Ice time and coaching 

as well as the ice show, year-end banquet and operational fees: 

* Skaters are allowed a 3 session grace period for refund. After three weeks a medical note will be required.



$10,500 - Coaching 

$21,000- ice time 

$300 StarSkate technical director 

$1000- Banquet 

$1500 - Skate Canada Fee 


$34,300 TOTAL 


If a coach has to provide the skater with solo music the costs are as follows: 

- $25.00 for 2-2:30 min program 

- $30 for 3+ mins. 

- Includes 2 copies of labelled CDs and the editing of the music.


*Approved that ice dance partners are permitted to skate on each other’s session, without additional charge in an attempt to support and encourage ice dance and boys in skating.

* StarSkaters are not required to wear helmets or halos. This is the discretion of the parent/skater. 

* Skaters who are in a lesson have priority for getting their solo music played as well as the right of way on the ice.