Trinity Placentia Synchro Skating Club Contract

Competition Information
The Trinity Placentia Figure Skating Club is very excited to welcome all skaters back for this season. We will be attending two synchronized competitions this season.

1. Elizabeth Swan Memorial Synchronized Competition on January 26, 2019 in Clarenville.

2. Synchronized Provincial Championship on March 8 & 9 in Corner Brook.

• All skaters are required to attend. If there is a skater that is not be able to attend these events, they are not eligible to join the synchro teams;
• All skaters will be required to stay at a hotel once confirmed in Corner Brook. Parents will be asked to call the hotel and put a room in their name when directed by Jessica.


In order to try out for the synchro teams a non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required by September 24, 2018. All skaters who wish to try out for a higher level team must be a registered Star Skater. If a skater wishes to try out for the same team they skated last year Star skate registration is not a requirement. If a skater does not make a team the $100 will be refunded. No skater will be accepted for a higher level of team if they do not attend the tryouts. Also, a skaters spot on a team from the previous year cannot be guaranteed if the skater does not attend the tryouts. After teams have been announced, all registration fees will need to be paid before the skater enters on the ice for the first practice.
Any skater owing fees from last year will need to have these fees paid before they are able to try out this year


Registration Fees
($100 deposit required by September 24 and remainder by scheduled practice day during first week of October 8  

Beginner/Pre Juvenile – $300
Elementary/Pre-Novice - $300

Registration fees include
• Ice time
• Coaching cost
• competition registration fees
• One pair of tights for competitions

All costs include $100 tryout fees. In the case that a skater wants to drop one of the teams after the skating season has started (all registration fees will be lost for that team) and they will have to drop the highest level team, and only permitted to skate on the team which they skated in the previous year.


Fundraising Fees

All skaters will be expected to fundraise at least $160
Anyone not interested in fundraising can pay the $160 at the time of second Star Skate registration when remainder of fundraising will be completed.


Additional Fees
• All new skater and skaters who are moving to new teams will be required to have a practice shirt, these can be bought from a previous member of the team or ordered from the club for $15 
• Skaters will be required to stay in the reserved club hotel for the Provincial competition in Corner Brook.
• Most skaters wear club jackets to the competition; however, this is not a mandatory purchase, but maybe something to think about even for a Christmas gift.

No refunds will be given for any skaters who withdraws from a team after the skating season has started unless for medical reasons and proof is provided by a physician to the club.  



Synchro skating is a team sport and requires the whole team in attendance in order to have an effective practice. Therefore, skaters need to be committed to practice times. Frequent absence of skaters affects negatively on the whole team. If a skater misses more then two unexcused absents in a row, they can be automatically removed from team. More than two unexcused absences will require a medical note.

• Skaters more than 10 minutes late for a practice will be considered absent for the practice
• Stroking and off-ice are considered the same as regular practice

The club does understand that skaters will be absent at times, but we ask that parents inform coaches or the manager of the team as soon as possible in order to give them time to have someone stand in during the practise. When high number of skaters are absent, coaches reserve the right to cancel the practice.


Respect for coaches
Our club is very fortunate to have two dedicated and knowledgeable coaches to guide the skaters. It is very important that both skaters and parents be respectful of the coach’s decisions. Although music and dresses may not always be what we would choose ourselves we must remember we are dealing with 10-16 members per team, therefore it is very difficult to find options to make everyone happy. By completing this contract means you agree to accept these decisions.

Responsibility as a Skater
As stated before synchronized skating is a team sport and in order for a team to skate to its peak capability, all skaters need to work together. Skaters will be expected to be kind and courteous to all members of their team, as well as the coach. Any skaters found to be bullying or mistreating fellow teammates maybe removed by a coach from the team. Trinity Placentia Figure Skating Club has absolutely no tolerance for this behavior.