TPFSC Complaints Policy 

The coaching staff and Board of Directors of Trinity Placentia Figure Skating Club are committed to providing a safe, enjoyable environment for all skaters, parents and volunteers. As such, we recognize that conflict is an inevitable part of running a skating club and we are open and willing to address concerns of coaches, skaters, parents and volunteers and attempt as much as possible to find solutions when they are presented in a respectful manner. As per Skate Canada’s position statement on Harassment and Bullying: “Skate Canada strongly condemns bullying, will not tolerate bullying by any of its members and is committed to raising awareness of this issue and preventing and eliminating bullying behavior within Skate Canada. Skate Canada recognizes that bullying can have a serious adverse impact on personal dignity, self-

esteem, confidence, personal safety, performance, enjoyment of skating and of life itself”. Therefore, we will not consider any complaint of a disrespectful of harassing nature that is received, and your concerns will NOT be addressed. 

Skate Canada defines Bullying as: “is intended to hurt and humiliate the victim and may include: 

* Insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures 

* Rude or vulgar language or gestures 

* Shouting, yelling, swearing, name-calling 

* Persistent unwarranted criticism 

* Public ridicule 

* Verbal, written or physical threats and intimidation 

* Hitting, kicking, pushing or other types of forceful physical contact 

Bullying may occur in-person or through electronic means including e-mail, texting and social media”. 

The Board of Directors will meet on a monthly basis and will take any parent concerns seriously and attempt to find a solution that is mutually acceptable by all parties. Parents who have a complaint are instructed to voice their concern in writing via email to any board member or coach. Complaints will not be received via in person communication or telephone. Should we require further information we will contact you for clarification. In order to preserve the integrity of our skating environment we urge all parents and skaters to voice their concerns in the appropriate manner as opposed to public criticism of Board members or coaches in our stands during skating sessions. We will attempt as much as possible to treat each member of TPFSC in a respectful and genuine manner and will expect to be treated in the same manner. Failure to abide by this policy will result in an a formal complaint to the Complaint Review Officer at the Skate Canada national office as per the process in the Skate Canada Membership Complaints, Hearing and Investigation Procedures Policy. Available on